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Community Attitudes Survey


The Community Attitudes Survey is split into a number of sections looking at different topics in relation to the publicīs perception and views of crime, law and order and policing.
While the questionnaire remains largely the same each year, there are changes from year to year, in particular:

  • Terrorism related questions were only asked in 1992/93 and 1993/94 (the majority of questions in section 9 and all questions in section 10);
  • Questions in Section 6 on reporting a burglary to the police were introduced in 1999;
  • Questions on the Police Ombudsman were introduced in 2002;
  • Questions on Community Police Liaison Committees were introduced in 1997/98;

The questionnaires used for each year of the survey are available for you to view or download under QUESTIONNAIRE.

Section 1 Satisfaction with Local Area

This section asks respondents about their level of satisfaction with where they live, whether the area is getting better or worse to live in and issues that respondents think are a problem in their area.

Section 2 Levels of Crime

Questions in this section ask how common people think certain types of crimes are in their area, and about the level of crime in relation to the rest of Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Section 3 Personal Fear of Crime

This section looks at how safe respondents feel when out or at home at night and also what they think the likelihood is of them being the victim of various types of crime.

Section 4 Precautions Taken Against Crime

This section contains questions about the home and car security measures put in place by respondents.

Section 5 Policing Priorities

Questions are asked about issues that respondents feel should receive attention from the police in their own area and in Northern Ireland as a whole.

Section 6 Reporting a Crime and Contact with the Police

This section looks at respondentsī attitudes to reporting crime, for example if they would report a crime and who they would report it to, contact they may have had with the police and the effect of any contact on their view or satisfaction of the police.

Section 7 Perceptions of the Police / Composition of the Police Force

Questions in this section ask about respondentsī perceptions of how the police deal with ordinary policing problems and also for their views on the religious composition of the police force.

Section 8 Complaints Against the Police / Police Ombudsman/Northern Ireland Policing Board / Community Involvement in Policing

This section concentrates on who should be and who is responsible for dealing with complaints against the police, views on the Police Ombudsman and how they deal with police complaints, views on the Northern Ireland Policing Board and also community involvement in policing (Community Police Liaison Committees). Questions are also asked about the police citizenīs charter and the lay visiting scheme.

Section 9 Treatment of the Public by the Security Forces / Effectiveness Against Terrorism / Community Relations

This section contains questions about how the security forces deal with the members of the public and their effectiveness in dealing with terrorist and sectarian crime. Questions are also asked about who should be active in opposing violence in Northern Ireland and who should be involved in improving relations between the two communities in Northern Ireland.

Section 10 Terrorism Related Questions

Questions in this section concentrate on how fairly the security forces treat different groups in Northern Ireland in relation to terrorist crime.

Section 11 The Courts and the Criminal Justice System

This section looks at respondentsī contact with the courts, their understanding of how the courts work, their views on the fairness of the criminal justice system and also their views on penalties handed out by the courts.



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